A swimsuit shouldn’t just emphasize your body, it should bring out your confident personality. You probably don’t need us to tell you that you’re already glowing in that new swimsuit of yours but in case you didn’t know, you look amazing babe!


"Something I really wanted to ensure while making this brand was making sure that I sold a variety of sizes so everyone felt included. I started this brand with a limited amount of styles so I can be able to provide more sizes. I can always create more styles later on down the line but I would never want someone to not be able to buy my swimwear because their size isn't available." 


Amanda was born in Brooklyn, New York but at a young age moved to New Jersey where she grew up and lived most of her life. Once she turned 24, she packed up as much as she possibly could and moved to Miami Beach which was where she was able to fulfill her dreams of creating VANNA. Amanda always loved summer and the idea of a tropical lifestyle which was her main motivation to move to Florida. She loved the idea of being able to have warm weather all year round so she could enjoy the ocean, her happy place. When she came to Miami Beach, she loved the vibe and felt that her love for the ocean, modern design, and earthly colors she was surrounded by drove her to design her dream bikinis and she made VANNA happen.